Researched & Endorsed Candidates

Candidate Endorsement and Recommendation Process: 

The Candidate Evaluation Team conducts research on candidates likely to align with Indivisible values and presents information to the Legislative Action Team for discussion, evaluation, and recommendation to the membership.  The recommendations are sent out with documentation to the membership for a final decision

Important! Ballot Iniatives...Vote No!


  • I-2109 Would eliminate the capital gains tax

  • 1-2117 Would eliminate the Climate Commitment Act

  • 1-2121 Would eliminate the WA Cares Fund

Featured Indivisible Tacoma Videos

Visit the Invisible YouTube page for many informative videos (Click Here)

Become a Precient Committee Officer (PCO)

As a PCO, you are on the front lines of winning elections up and down the ballot – from the School Board to the Senate.

    1. PCOs are the main point of information and contact for voters in your neighborhood and within the Democratic Party.
    2. PCOs are also a central part of their local Democratic organization. They elect Party leadership and help fill vacancies in elected office.

As a Pierce County Democratic Party PCO, you can amplify the voices of Progressives in your neighborhood.

Previous Years Endorsed & Victories

After Indivisible Tacoma endorses candidates and initiatives, we keep track of the election results in both the Greater Tacoma area and parts of Pierce County, to learn from our success and failures.

We monitor election results where we made endorsements and track the rising domestic far-right candidates which we label as “extremist opponents.”

Our Indivisible Tacoma Election Actions activities include knocking on doors, writing postcards, campaign liaisons, forums, brochures, and other committees supporting positive election outcomes.

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