Mission Statement

Indivisible Tacoma is a volunteer organization with a mission to elect progressive leaders and advocate for progressive policies. We defend democracy, support universal healthcare, and advocate for humane immigration policies. We promote social, racial, economic, and environmental justice through a lens of equity for all communities.

Support True American Values

Values List

  • Democracy and Voting Rights

  • Healthcare and Expanded Medicare

  • Climate Protection & Renewable Energy

  • Safe Streets / Gun Safety / Safe Policing

  • Equity: Race, Gender, LGBTQ+, Disability

  • Reproductive Choice and Contraception

  • Good wages, Jobs, and Labor Rights

  • Immigration and Criminal Justice Reform

  • Economic Justice and Tax Fairness

  • Clean Water, Air, Soil, and Food

  • Public Education and Teaching Truth

  • Privacy Protection / Housing for All

  • Green Accessible Transportation

  • Safeguard Public Lands and Wildlife

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