Call Your U.S. & State Representatives & Senators

Remember how the Tea Party took over the House back in 2010? They did it by putting constant pressure on their reps, senators, and state legislators. But here’s the good news. We can do it too. We’ve listed phone numbers for our state lawmakers and members of Congress (MoCs) below. And remember. You can really make a difference just by picking up the phone. To find your MoCs or state legislators, use the District Finder. Find your County Council Rep . To find your Tacoma city reps, use the City Council District Map.

U.S. Senators

Sen. Patty Murray 253-572-3636
Sen. Maria Cantwell 253-572-2281


U.S. Representatives

Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6) 253-272-3515
Rep. Adam Smith (D-9) 425-793-5180
Rep. Denny Heck (D-10) 253-533-8332
Rep. Kim Schrier (D-8) 202-225-7761

State Legislators

29th District

Sen. Steve Conway (D) 360-786-7656, Rep. Steve Kirby (D) 360-786-7996, Rep. Melanie Morgan (D) 360-786-7906

28th District

Sen. Steve O’Ban (R) 360-786-7654, Rep. Christine Kilduff (D) 360-786-7958, Rep. Mari Leavitt (D) 360-786-7890  

27th District

Sen. Jeannie Darneille 360-786-7652 (D), Rep. Jake Fey (D) 360-786-7974, Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D) 360-786-7930

25th District

Sen. Hans Zeiger (R) 360-786-7648, Rep. Kelly Chambers (R) 360-786-7948, Rep. Chris Gildon (R) 360-786-7968
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