Indivisible Tacoma Kindness Statement

With Principles of Inclusion, Tolerance, Truth, Fairness


1. What attitudes do I need to foster during these trying times?

  • Friendliness
  • Compassion
  • Persistence
  • Patience

2. How Should I present myself to the world in print, to the media, and person-to-person?

Use speech and behavior that is respectful, friendly, fair, effective, and focused

  • Use your own words and focus on core values as well as issues
  • Speak positively about what is right and why, rather than using negative comments
  • Avoid using Trump’s language; this only strengthens his influence
  • Steer clear of malicious “put down” humor; funny is fine, but we don’t do snarky

3. How do I stay safe and talk to a Trump follower: a friend, a relative, a stranger, or a person at a rally or public event?

Be safe, be civil, stay calm, listen deeply, seek common ground

  • Be curious, ask questions; try to understand where they are coming from
  • Seek common ground in shared values
  • Steer clear of demeaning, judgmental or accusatory language
  • Steer clear of provocateurs
  • Act with dignity when confronting aggressive opposition
  • Leave a situation if it feels unsafe or a situation is escalating
  • Be mindful and caring of other members’ safety; help them exit if needed
  • Follow all rules and regulations of the permit when at a rally/march

4. How do I stand up with those most impacted by the Trump agenda?

  • Be mindful of any tendency to recreate systems of oppression inside our movement and organizing practices; introspect and adjust as needed
  • Defer to those who are directly affected by a particular issue
  • Meet with leaders from vulnerable communities, learn about their issues and values, identify mutual causes and opportunities for alliance, act on these when feasible
  • Respond when possible to invitations to attend gatherings of these individuals and groups and invite them to speak to their issues with our membership

5. How do I stay engaged without losing my mind?

  • Self-awareness: be attentive to triggers and reactions
  • Mindfulness: stay in the present with positive actions
  • Self-care: physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Sustainability: take breaks, vacation from activism to recharge your batteries
  • Fellowship and Humor: engage in events which engender friendship, creativity and fun
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