My daughter and I attended our first Indivisible Meeting last month. There were about 15 people there, some who had been attending since January, some who had been to meetings off and on, and others, like us, who were attending for the first time.

We talked about what drove each of us to get involved. The ties that bound us were our passions — derived from our concerns about our country and the state of the world. It felt good to be there. Good to be committing to doing something that was a shared value, a heartfelt conviction.

We discussed ways to represent our group through activism, such as promoting deescalation of police actions or demonstrating at Northwest Detention Center — our local for-profit immigrant detention center.

After our group discussion, we split into smaller groups that centered on how we chose to take action as individuals. Guidelines were shared for making calls to our representatives. Some of us discussed communicating through email or writing Letters to the Editor of local newspapers.

Wednesday, October 18th, will find some of us at another “do activism” Indivisible meeting. If you would like to join us, please see Facebook for details.

Would love to see others join us in taking a stand to make a difference at our next Indivisible Tacoma meeting. Be there & feel good about being Indivisible!

~~~Vonda Gardner

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