Millions of people are depending on the Resistance to defeat TrumpCare. We did it in July, and we can do it again. But here in Washington, our two senators are Democrats who are against TrumpCare. So you might be wondering what you can do. How can you influence Republican senators to do the right thing?

Here’s how: you can reach out directly to voters in states with a swing Republican senator. These voters are our friends: people who attended the Women’s March, have stood up for DACA, and who fight for progressive causes.

At our Indivisible Tacoma meeting tonight, we made calls to voters in Alaska, asking them to call Senator Murkowski and tell her why they’re against TrumpCare. It was surprisingly easy. When you make the call, the system patches you through to a voter, and if the voter says “yes” to calling their senator, the system patches the call directly through to their senator’s office.

You can do this from home TODAY! Go here to get started.


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