ENDORSED by Indivisible Tacoma:

  • Jay Inslee, for Governor
  • Bob Ferguson, for Attorney General
  • Gael Tarleton, for Secretary of State  –   Cyber security specialist, WA State legislator, proven supporter of voter expansion.  (Her opponent, GOP partisan Wyman, opposed voting rights expansion at the state and national levels, and has made numerous technical and election errors.)
  • Mike Pellicciotti, for State Treasurer  –   WA State legislator has never taken corporate campaign funding, led efforts to get “dark money” out of politics and increase penalties for corporate crime.  (His opponent, incumbent Duane Davidson, a strong Trump supporter, invests our state money with his corporate donors, and rarely attends State Investment Board meetings.)
  • Chris Reykdal, for WA Supt of Public Instruction   –  As Sup’t of Public Instruction, highly-qualified Reykdal has increased graduation rates to a record high, worked to assure success for students of color, students with disabilities, etc. (His opponent, Espinoza, unqualified to teach in public school, supports vouchers and charter schools, falsely represented her credentials, her organization, and Reykdal’s actions in the voter pamphlet.)
  • Derek Kilmer, for Congress, CD6 
  • Beth Doglio, for Congress, CD10   –  WA State legislator, takes no corporate funding, is an effective leader and legislator for social justice, police reform, climate change, healthcare, workers rights, LGBTQ rights, education, clean water/air, and saving our natural environment.  She is endorsed by ALL CD10 Indivisibles and LD 22,25,27,28,29  Democrats. (Her opponent, Strickland, takes corporate money, worked for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, has supported major fossil fuel projects, charter schools, opposed $15 hour minimum wage increase, and oversaw a police department that used excessive force with impunity.) 
  • LD25 State Legislature:  Julie Door,  State Senate;
    Jamie Smith, 
    Rep Pos 1; Brian Duthie, Rep Pos 2
  • LD27 State Legislature:  Jeannie Darneille, State Senate; Laurie Jinkins, Rep Pos 1; Jake Fey, Rep Pos 2
  • LD28 State Legislature:  Twina Nobles, State Senate;
    Mari Leavitt, 
    Rep Pos 1; Dan Bronoske, Rep Pos 2
  • Raquel Montoya-Lewis, for WA Supreme Court Justice Pos 3
  • G. Helen Whitener, for WA Supreme Court Justice Pos 6


  • Marko Liias, for Lt. Governor  –  WA Senate Majority Leader, takes no corporate donations, has worked tirelessly for social and environmental justice.  (His opponent, Rep. Denny Heck, endorsed local Republicans in 2019, is a “new” Democrat rather than caucusing with Progressives, and did not change his position toward Medicare-for-All in spite of being presented with extensive evidence of its efficacy, as well as public and physician support. )
  • Hilary Franz, for WA Commissioner of Public Lands
  • Pat McCarthy, for State Auditor
  • Mike Kreidler, for WA Insurance Commissioner
  • LD29 State Legislature:  Melanie Morgan, Rep Pos 1; Steve Kirby, Rep Pos 2
  • Pierce County Executive: Larry Seaquist –  Commanded four ships in his 32 years in the Navy, led strategy and budget planning teams for the Pentagon, worked a decade for peace-building and community development in countries facing conflict, and served as LD26 legislator.  He is prepared to take on the increasing problems Pierce County faces under Executive Dammeier.  With his state and national leadership experience, he plans to take on the COVID virus impact, increase education, skills and jobs, bring equity and diversity to County leadership, get everyone housed in collaboration with other public institutions with transparency and accountability. 
  • Pierce County Sheriff:  no recommendation
  • County Council, District 2: Sarah Rumbaugh
  • County Council, District 4: Ryan Mello
  • County Council, District 6: Jani Hitchen

Additional comments:

County Council races:  We recommend voting for Democrats in all these races. The Republicans have controlled the County far too long, to our great detriment.  If we change the Council and the Executive (to Seaquist,) we would see many significant improvements.

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