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In Support of Social Justice

“It’s not enough to just say the words Black Lives Matter, we must make it true. We need to be willing to listen, learn, protect and lift up our Black community.

The murder of George Floyd may have brought the efforts of the BLM movement to your attention, but right here in our own area we’ve seen people die during interactions with police. There are many local activist and organizations who have always been doing the work of social justice and building up of the Black community and other communities of color.

We are encouraged by the ongoing protest happening throughout the surrounding areas of Pierce County and grateful to all those willing to stand in solidarity to protect Black lives. We welcome your support of racial justice and hope you will engage with local groups who need your support to make sure our community is a place where everyone is safe and has the ability to thrive.”

– DaMita O’Dell, Indivisible Tacoma Go4Action Team Lead

Truth Brigade

The launch of the Indivisible Truth Brigade has been an  amazing success! Want to learn more about the Truth Brigade? Sign up here! 

Get started now with how you can help fight the disinformation that has already started after Kamala Harris was named VP nominee by checking out this action kit.

Read up on the Public Resources, Countering Disinformation Best Practices, and the FAQs! Resources updated automatically! And you can find the latest Truth Brigade campaign, defending mail-in voting, here!

Defund Hate

So many communities across the country have already started holding their local officials accountable and demanding they divert funds from the police, ICE, and CBP. And it’s working.

Your money could be better spent on services and personnel that could help reduce the need for these agencies.

Call your local officials today and demand they start using those funds to BETTER serve the communities they are in office to represent.  #DefundThePolice

Call to Action: Justice for Medically-Abused Immigrants in Irwin Detention Center

You may have seen the news about the violent abuse and medical neglect that immigrants have experienced at the Irwin Detention Center in Georgia and the NWDC in Tacoma.

The sickening details exposed by a brave whistleblower included the I.C.E and detention staff’s refusal to treat detained patients with COVD, and, more horribly, the forced-sterilization of immigrant women with little or no explanation.

Take the time to call your Congressional representatives, and demand they publicly call for an immediate, on-the-ground investigation into this for-profit I.C.E facility by the Office of Inspector General.

Indivisible Team Meetings


Please Note: Many in-person meetings have been cancelled. Be sure to check all calendars for the latest information.

Please visit our Calendar of Events to confirm all details as locations and times.

Email  indivisibletacomachapter@gmail.com for meeting link on Zoom.

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