Help win this election now!

Time to be even more fully engaged! 

We have 12 days left.

If we do the work, in our region alone, we can flip 8 Legislative seats from RED to BLUE.

👏  Health care is on the ballot
 👏 Reproductive rights are on the ballot
 👏 Civil rights are on the ballot
 👏 Action to address climate change is on the ballot, and so much more 

Ballots are returning early in large numbers.

Unfortunately, Republican ballots are trending higher. Trump and Culp are turning out their voters.

Really significant races in Washington will be close, and we can’t afford to lose a single vote.

The WA Democrats’ phone banks use the most current data on returned ballots.

You will be calling to urge people to turn in their ballots!

Will you help?

Go here:

💥☎️Phone Banking Tips! From Julia R.

You CAN learn to love (or at least like) phone banking! It’s important work but the fear factor (calling strangers) and lack of information holds many people back from giving it a try.

Let’s talk about that!

  • ALL of our candidates need phone banking. It is the #2 outreach method (canvassing is #1) that is demonstrated to move voters to action.
  • Does it work? When we talk to a voter during GOTV (Get Out The Vote, the period preceding any election in which early voting or vote-by-mail has begun), our job is to confirm that they have their ballot, commit to vote and make a plan to do so. This creates accountability in the voter — they said they would do it, so they do!
  • Are we calling random voters? No. During GOTV, the focus is on getting supporters to turn in their ballots.
  • Are we bothering people? Well, sometimes — but for the very best of reasons: democracy. Stating up front that you are a volunteer goes a long way. If the voter is unfamiliar with the candidates or issues, you can point them to resources or offer your reasons for supporting (x), ending the conversation with “So will you commit to casting your vote by Nov 3?”
  • Does anyone answer their phone anymore? Surprisingly, yes, but it varies by luck, time of day and day of week. Weekday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30pm and Sundays 11 am – 8 pm are generally good in WA, but daytime calls catch random people at home too. Autodialers used by WA Dems and some campaigns increase your contact rate 3-4x if enough folks are on the dialer at the same time.

How do I get started?

Go here:

Volunteer to help “cure” ballots!

In WA State, each county elections office has 21 days following Nov. 3 to “certify” their official election results.

During that 3-week period, there is an opportunity to “cure” signature problems that have caused legitimate ballots not to be counted.

Sometimes the voter forgot to sign the outside ballot envelope, or their signature may not match the signature on file with their voter registration (their handwriting may look different, or they may have changed the way they sign their name since they registered to vote).

The political parties get a list of ballots that have been rejected (it’s public information), and can reach out to voters to let them know their ballot hasn’t been accepted and how they can correct that.

The WA State Democrat’s team is asking hundreds of trustworthy volunteers to sign up now to help in this effort that will start immediately after Nov. 3.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Clyde who is heading up this effort for the Washington State Democrats at In the email, tell Clyde that you are interested in volunteering for his post-election ballot curing team.

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