Help our candidates!

Their campaigns are busy contacting voters who have not voted – those whose ballots have not been received and recorded. Let’s lighten their load.

From Jessica Craven’s Chop Wood, Carry Water post:

Candidates are helped when voters who strongly support them vote early because when those votes are tabulated, those voters’ names will come off of the GOTV lists the campaigns refresh daily.

Again: Folks who have voted come off of those lists! Who’s left? People who are either strong supporters but waiting to vote, folks who are wavering in their support, or folks who maybe won’t vote at all unless contacted.

The campaign, of course, has no way of knowing who falls into what category. So they must use their limited resources to reach out to them all.

Now imagine if all of the strong supporters voted early! The campaign could use 100% of its resources to reach out to wavering supporters or potential nonvoters! That’s literally more votes on the table that they can then scoop up.

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