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Sen. Patty Murray | (202) 224-2621 | Contact Form

Sen. Maria Cantwell | (202) 224-3441 | Contact Form


Do you care about voting rights? The economy? Infrastructure? Jobs? Fair redistricting? Foreign election interference?

If so, join the week-long Indivisible Call-A-Palooza to call on Senators Murray and Cantwell to ACT NOW and get S1 the For the People Act passed into law.

    • You are signing up to make 2 phone calls: 1 to Senator Murray’s DC office, and 1 to Senator Cantwell’s DC office. The calls only take a total of 5 minutes.

    • Sign up for 1 to 5 days.

    • Triple your effect by getting at least two more friends to sign up to call.

    • We will send out call scripts daily — it couldn’t be easier!


     • For the organization or group that has the most people sign up
     • Daily drawing from people who confirm they made their calls

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