Tuesday, October 5, 6PM

We must stop expansion of fossil fuels!

Here is how to participate on Tuesday:

  • Meeting begins at 5pm, testimony starts around 6pm

  • Join via zoom (for attending any City of Tacoma Council Meetings)

www.zoom.us/j/84834233126  Passcode: 349099

  • Send emails to cityclerk@cityoftacoma.org by 3pm to be part of public record

  • Each person will likely get only 90 seconds – 2 minutes

(you can email in a longer comment and give a shortened version verbally)

Please share and encourage other individuals and organizations to participate!


From 350Tacoma:


The city of Tacoma will vote soon on permanent regulations for the ancestral tideflats of the Puyallup Tribe, known today as the Port of Tacoma, and we need your help to demand that planning commission recommendations and the wishes of the Tribe are followed, banning the expansion of fossil fuel facilities.

We need the City of Tacoma to pass a true ban on fossil fuel expansion for the Tideflats, free of any exemptions for polluting, toxic facilities.

  • Puyallup Tribe has been vocal about their stance–it’s time to take action and stop permitting any more toxic facilities on the Tideflats–we stand in solidarity with Tribe and advocate for their wisdom and sovereignty to be respected.

  • Fossil fuel expansion anywhere affects all of us everywhere. Allowing any kind of expansion is not in alignment with the IPCC reports, Washington’s climate goals, the city of Tacoma Climate Emergency Declaration, or common sense.

  • The trains, trucks and ships carrying the fuels run through Seattle and up to Bellingham, spreading the health impacts and safety risks far beyond the Port of Tacoma.

  • The increased ship traffic could have a huge impact on our Salish Sea and the marine life already struggling to survive, like our Southern Resident Orcas, via noise pollution, risk of oil spills, and toxic discharges.

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