Take Action This Week! Indivisible National recommends:

  1. Tell your Senators to urge Biden not to appoint corporatists to his cabinet. In the Executive Branch, personnel is key to getting any of a President’s agenda enacted. If we want to see significant progressive change, it starts with President-elect Biden appointing progressive leaders to his cabinet and to key administrative positions. While Biden’s picks require Senate confirmation, there are ways Biden can circumvent Mitch McConnell’s plans for obstruction. For more details, read our resource about building a progressive Biden administration. 
  2. Thank your progressive member of Congress. This letter template can be the first of many conversations with your member of Congress that thanks them for the work they’ve done and encourages them to pass bold, progressive legislation.
  3. Prepare for the work to come by reviewing our core priorities for 2021. Democracy reform is at the heart of the work we have to do to rebuild from the Trump years. Learn more about the issues we’ve identified as priorities for our work going forward.
Senator Patty Murray   253-572-3636
Senator Maria Cantwell 253-572-2281

Support the peaceful transfer of power. 

[Source: 5 Calls]

Call or email: General Services Administrator Emily Murphy (or her Chief of Staff Robert Borden) at 202-501-2472 or emily.murphy@gsa.gov.

Script: Hi, I’m from [ZIP] calling/writing to urge you to begin the official transition of presidential power to President-elect Biden as our democracy demands. Please immediately file the paperwork to release Congressionally-allocated transition funding and provide the incoming administration with the resources and support they need. Thank you.

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