What can we do from home? Let’s make our voices louder!

Voting Rights – Call your Senators and Representatives
Support 2020 voting rights during the coronavirus
Call on our Senators to push for the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act
Sen. Patty Murray ☎️
(202) 224-2621 Washington DC
Sen. Maria Cantwell ☎️
(202) 224-3441 Washington DC

Washington Prisons and Jails – Call the Governor
From the ACLU:
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across Washington and the nation, Governor Inslee must take action to prevent an outbreak in Washington prisons and jails.
In Washington’s prisons and jails, the guideline for social distancing is impossible to adhere to.
Call the Governor and ask him to use his powers of clemency to protect our prisons and jails, and keep Washington safe.
Governor Inslee: 360-902-4111 ☎️

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