Indivisible Tacoma 2020 Priorities Survey Results

Indivisible Tacoma 2020 Priorities Survey Results

This is to thank all of you who filled out our survey on priorities for Indivisible and the 2020 election. Here’s the full report. Thank you Nina Rook, for pulling together the survey results.

Tacoma Indivisibles who completed the survey ranged widely in preferred candidates and policies, but were united in their opposition to the Trump agenda.  What we heard was:

  • Indivisible Tacoma should not endorse a specific candidate ahead of the primaries – “I don’t think Indivisible should endorse a candidate before the primaries. There are too many good candidates”, “I think endorsing a candidate ahead of the primary is suicide for the group.”
  • We think that candidates need to articulate specific, systemic and ambitious solutions to urgent problems.  Multiracial inclusion and engagement with activism were also important.
  • Nine current candidates got at least 1 “First choice” from our members; Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders each got 10 first choices, while Elizabeth Warren scored highest on points
  • Our most important issues were Environment/ climate change, Democracy (secure elections, stopping suppression, campaign, etc.), Health care (including single-payer universal) and Civil rights (racial justice, LGBTQ rights, gender equity, criminal justice) (tied)
  • Members were passionate about many additional issues — “College affordability, reduce military budgets, universal healthcare!”, “Democracy/elections”, “Extinction of Species, plastic pollution of the ocean”, “Stop government corruption, extinction of species”, “Sorry, there are just too many high importance issues! Trump and his enablers have wrecked America.”

We received surveys from 44 Tacoma Indivisibles, from super-volunteers logging over 20 hours a week, to people who spent an hour or less.  Priorities were the same, regardless of time available.  I think one respondent spoke for many: “Yeah, I know I should spend more time.”

To read the full report, just go to:

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