? Don’t Let Them Get Away with This (Call Your MoCs!) ?

? Don’t Let Them Get Away with This (Call Your MoCs!) ?

House & Senate Republicans Want to Get Away with Some Pretty Shady Stuff.

Can we count on you to help?

All we need you to do is make three quick phone calls – one to your U.S. House rep. and two to our senators. Urge them to act on the items below. It’s super easy. We’ve even listed their phone numbers below for handy dandy reference.

MoC Actions

  1. House floor vote on H.R. 1 for Electoral Reform: House Democrats are on track to pass this historic legislation. But urge your rep to keep a beady eye on those sneaky Republicans. They’ve got a sneaky procedural trick up their sleeves called the “motion to recommit” (MTR) for derailing or watering down bills. Urge our reps to vigorously oppose any MTRs and bad faith amendments.
  2. Senate vote on Trump’s fake emergency: It’s official. Thanks to the handful of Senate Republicans who still care about the U.S. Constitution, we have the votes to revoke Trump’s fake state of emergency. Please tell Sens. Murray and Cantwell we have their backs. And let’s thank them for their strong statements against Trump’s abuse of emergency powers.
  3. Senate vote on the U.S. War in Yemen (S.J. Res. 7): Demand that our senators sponsor and urge their colleagues to pass a resolution that orders Trump to end our unauthorized and immoral U.S. support for the Saudi-backed war in Yemen.


MoC Phone Script

It’s easy and takes less than five minutes, we swear!

For calling your rep.: “Hi, I’m __________ from Indivisible Tacoma and District __. I support electoral reform for ending corrupt practices and making it easier for people to vote. Please stand strong for H.R. 1 and reject all Republican MTRs and bad faith amendments.”

For calling our senators: “Hi, I’m ____________ from Indivisible Tacoma. Please vote yes on S.J. Res. 7 to end our illegal and immoral war in Yemen, I also want to thank you for rejecting Trump’s fake emergency. Please urge your colleagues to join you. Thank you!”


Call Now!

What’s a Motion to Recommit?

.Parakeet running from explosion.

NOTE: No parakeets were harmed in the production of this GIF

House Republicans have a sneaky weapon for nuking the legislation we care about. it’s called a “Motion to Recommit” (MTR). Before a bill goes to the House floor for a vote, the minority party gets to offer an MTR and require it as a final step before passage.

An MTR lets them send a bill back to committee or to add amendments that weaken the bill. And you can pretty much count on them doing this with H.R. 1 (also known as the For the People Act of 2019) for electoral reform. These changes would crack down on corruption and make it easier for people to vote. And we all know that when more people vote, Republicans tend to lose.

Of course, these motions almost never pass. After all, why would the party in power ever allow that?

Gandalf from LOTR: You shall not pass!

That wouldn’t make any sense … Unless you’re a Democratic member of Congress.

Republicans have found an easy way to weaponize MTRs by picking an issue that divides Democrats or is a deal-breaker. And then they wait for the fun to begin.

Take H.R. 8, for example. This bill requires more background checks for buying firearms, and closes the gun show loophole, Republicans tried to add an amendment that would require gun shops to report “illegal” immigrants trying to buy guns.

Thankfully, the Democrats clapped a stopper on those capers and passed the bill without the amendment.

For more information, see Indivisible U.S.A.’s Legislative Process 101 — Motion to Recommit.

On your phone? Click on the button below.


Or you can simply call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Either way, they’ll send you to your MoC’s voicemail so you can leave a message. Click here for a list of phone numbers for our members of Congress and our state legislators.