• Wednesday 4/1: #DefundHate: Reject COVID-19 ICE and CBP Funding! 
  • Thursday 4/2: La policia, la migra, la misma porqueria
  • Friday 4/3: Care not Cages: Public Health Department Accountability Day 
  • Saturday 4/4: #FreeThemAll Solidarity Day Webinar: https://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org

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Over 3,000 doctors and nearly 800 advocates have been sounding the alarm for weeks that people in immigration detention are sitting ducks in a system notorious for its fatally flawed medical care and abysmal conditions that only worsen in times of crisis. People detained inside are refusing food to show the urgency. The government can and should release all people from detention immediately.

Phone calls you can make TODAY to demand a stop to new transfers to NWDC, to prevent new apprehensions by ICE, to release all detained people (starting with pregnant people, people over age 60, and people who are immunocompromised), and to shutdown NWDC – Senators, Representatives, State and local officials!
Amplify each day’s call to action from your own social media platforms and use #FreeThemAll.

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