On the November 3rd election,

Americans are confronted with an alarming threat.  The sitting president has repeatedly denounced the legitimacy of mail-in voting when, in the midst of a pandemic, more than half of voters are expected to vote by mail. He has repeatedly refused to commit to accept the results of the election if he loses. And he has told his supporters to stand watch at polling locations and an alt-right militia group to “stand-by.” We do not know what actions President Trump or his supporters may take between the Nov. 3rd election and Jan. 20th inauguration. The American people must act to protect democracy and our communities in response to any attempt to interfere with the counting of votes or the peaceful transfer of power in accordance with election results.

The Washington State Coalition to Protect the Results (WA-PTR) is part of a national Protect the Results effort led by a coalition of 110+ organizations. WA-PTR is asking every person and group to speak up in defense of our democracy and in solidarity with our most vulnerable communities, and encourage all Americans to do the same.


We ask you to sign on to this letter.


Signatories pledge to defend the core democratic principles of free, fair and safe elections, that the losing party complies with the results, and that a peaceful transfer of power follows should election results require it.


Toward these democratic ends, signatories agree to the following:


1)  We stand for a safe and secure voting process across the nation.  All of us deserve to be free from harassment, intimidation and the threat of violence.


2) Every vote must be counted; we oppose any candidate prematurely declaring victory. We also oppose any act that would interfere with the full counting and reporting of voting results.


3)  State legislatures must send a slate of electors to the Electoral College that reflects the popular vote in that state.


4) We commit to non-violence in any action we organize to defend democracy.


5) We recognize that the full realization of democratic principles and ideals is an urgent and enduring need that extends beyond the present election cycle.

By signing on to this letter, you commit to use every platform available to you to publicly support the stated goals and principles of this letter and to communicate this support to your members or associates and networks, asking them to do the same.

You further authorize WA-PTR to publicly list you as a signatory to this letter.

This threat imperils all of us, and each and every one of us must act to protect our democracy and one another at this perilous time. Please join us. Multiple efforts are underway both nationally and locally to respond to this threat.  We encourage you to explore action appropriate for you and your organization. If you would like additional information about WA-PTR’s work or have any questions, please email us at protecttheresultswa@gmail.com. We also encourage you to look at the national Protect the Results website at www.protecttheresults.com.



–The Washington State Coalition to Protect the Results


Sign onto this Pledge letter here: http://bit.ly/PTRWASurvey

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