Watching federal law enforcement harass citizens without accountability?
Read this statement from Oregon Indivisibles:

The US Attorney for Oregon has called for an investigation into the officers’ conduct, calling it “unlawful.”

Call your Senators and Representatives:
Sen. Murray 253-572-3636
Sen. Cantwell 253-572-2281
Rep. Heck 253-533-8332
Rep. Kilmer 253-2723515

More actions…

Demand your senators pass the Heroes Act with $3.6 billion in election funding. Make sure that the Heroes Act is passed without being watered down. It’s critically important to include the funding for election safety in this bill. There are no excuses for the inaction of the Senate. Call your senator today and urge them to pass the Heroes Act ASAP.
Call your local officials to express your support to defund the police and invest in Black communities. So many of you joined the fight to support and protect people of color from state sanctioned violence, but a lot of that work has to happen locally. Call your local officials and demand that they defund the police and invest those funds in resources. If you need more context, check out our latest video where we explain exactly what we mean by #DefundThePolice.
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