When police encounter a Black man, they often “see” a criminal. Black people know this. They experience it and the brutality that often follows.

How do we step up to our moral responsibility?

Here in Washington, we finally see beginnings of legislative change. According to the 4/14/21 TNT, 11 of 16 police accountability bills have passed the 2021 House and Senate in some form.

We celebrate these advances, seeing the hard work ahead as we mourn this week’s cruel losses.

According to the 4/14/21 TNT, 11 of 16 police accountability bills have passed the 2021 House and Senate in some form.

Let’s contact lawmakers to thank them.


Thank the organizations and individuals, including Washington Coalition for Police Accountability, Black Lives Matter Alliance, Indivisible, and community leaders, who acted on an urgent need.

Here’s the Black Lives Matter Alliance list of priority bills.  Tell the Governor you want his signature on these bills.

  • HB 1054: No, the police can not choke us until we are dead. This bill was passed in the House, then amended before passage in the Senate. It has to go to a conference committee to work out a compromise

  • SB 5259: Yes. There will be a statewide database recording police use of force incidents. Passed both chambers. Senate agreed with House amendments.

  • SB 5135: No, the police can not be summoned to intimidate or discriminate against us. Passed both chambers. Sent to the Governor.

  • HB 1310: Yes. Deadly force must be the absolute last resort and only used when there is an imminent threat to bodily harm. Senate amended and House did not concur. Going to conference committee.

  • HB 1267: And when deadly force is used, it will be independently investigated. Statewide. Passed both chambers. House agreed with Senate amendments.

  • HB 1089: And yes. The State Auditor is authorized to review a deadly force investigation to determine whether the involved actors complied with the independent investigation requirements. Passed both chambers. Amendments approved. To the Governor.

  • SB 5051: Yes. Police officers should be decertified for using excessive force. Passed both chambers

  • HB 1088: And yes. There must and will be real transparency on police misconduct and complaints. Passed both chambers. To the Governor.

  • SB 5066: When an officer sees another officer use excessive force, they must intervene. Passed both chambers.

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