Social Networking in support of Voting Rights

Today’s Action:

The filibuster is blocking passage of the For the People Act, and large parts of the Biden Administration Agenda.

The filibuster must be eliminated or reformed so that we can Protect the 2022 Election, and pass progressive Climate Change reform, the PRO act, ect.

Patty Murray and Senator Cantwell have posted their views on legislation to Twitter but have not explained how they are going to pass this important legislation with the filibuster is place. 

So we will illustrate what will happen to their legislation if the filibuster is not dealt with by tweeting it back to them as FILIBUSTERED.

Sign onto Twitter, use an image shown below and copy one of these prewritten tweets or write your own!

    1. We can’t let the filibuster create another graveyard of legislation in the Senate. The people are ready for results! It’s time to #EndtheFilibuster. .@PattyMurray .@SenatorCantwell

    2. 2022–an election year–is almost here. The time for passing bold legislation that helps American families is now. Don’t let the Jim Crow filibuster get in the way of that #FilibusterFriday .@PattyMurray .@SenatorCantwell

    3. For decades, a handful of Senators have exploited a loophole to grab power and block legislation Americans favor, from civil rights in the ‘60s to cutting polling locations today. #FilibusterFriday .@PattyMurray .@SenatorCantwell

    4. .@SenatorCantwell .@PattyMurray. Don’t let the filibuster stand in the way of strengthening our democracy #EndtheFilibuster

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