Below is the Indivisible Tacoma letter we are sending to Members of Congress. Please share it with other allied organizations. (If you hear anyone say “9/11 style commission,” remind them of how that would fail us.)
January 16, 2021
Dear __________,
We are writing to strongly support the appointment of an Independent Prosecutor or Special Investigative Team under the Dept. of Justice to investigate and report on the insurrection to overthrow the US Government that was demonstrated on January 6th and continues unabated.
Please oppose establishing any bi-partisan “commission” that has political appointees on it. 
Numerous Democrats are speaking of appointing a “9/11 type commission” to study and report on what happened or what is happening. Such a Commission is where the truth would go to die (just as it did in the 9/11 Commission Report).
At this point the Republican Party has demonstrated that they have little to no interest in doing anything that would support the truth, the public, or any semblance of human rights. Over the past four years, they have the most terrible record in history, as demonstrated by a very long list of harsh and oppressive policies. Just to mention a few of hundreds of examples:
  • Trying to eliminate healthcare for the American public with no replacement plan.
  • Passing a tax scam bill benefitting the rich and corporations at the expense of poor, working, and middle class families while vastly increasing the national debt.
  • Creating what amount to concentration camps of asylum seekers at our borders and separating children from their families with no way to reunite them.
  • Elected Republican officials at many levels promulgating Trump’s lie that the election was illegitimate and Trump won. Even those who eventually changed (way too late), have still perpetrated extreme lies to their base about Democrats, policies, and our democratic political process.
  • The tacit and blatant support of white supremacy at every level of law enforcement and governance.

Therefore, it is clear at this point that no commission that includes Republican legislators, all of whom have been compromised to lesser or greater extents, will be capable of creating any report based on truthfulness or fairness that would provide a basis for prosecutions, policy making, or resolving the deep problems identified. Any such commission will become a political tug-of-war to manage the public perception and will result in some type of false compromise.


Political compromise may be useful for many things but not for a Comprehensive Report of a factual description and compilation of investigations conducted by many governmental organizations and attorneys on an on-going insurrection to overthrow the US Government. For this purpose, we must have trained investigators, certified loyal law enforcement entities, and prosecutors who will compile large amounts of data and reports into a comprehensive document – possibly with recommendations about how to proceed to eradicate domestic terrorism, white supremacy, and treason within our population to secure our democratic Republic.

 We respectfully request a response to this letter so we know you understand the clear differences in the product of a political commission vs. an investigative report by highly qualified individuals who will pursue the most factual account of the truth humanly possible.

The Indivisible Tacoma Steering Team
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