Stop the REACH program from taking over Traditional Medicare

In 2020, the Trump Administration launched a new policy “experiment” designed to privatize Traditional Medicare.
Under this model, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has moved millions of Traditional Medicare beneficiaries into mostly commercial, for-profit plans called Direct Contracting Entities, without the enrollees’ full understanding or consent.

In ways similar to commercial Medicare Advantage plans, these entities have a financial incentive to interfere with care decisions and waste taxpayer dollars when compared with the efficiency of Traditional Medicare.

The Biden Administration has renamed this program “REACH” and made it even more generous to industry, but privatization by any name threatens the future of Medicare.

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~Contact your representatives: Rep Kilmer 253 272 3515. Rep Strickland 202 225 9740.
Sen. Murray. 253 572 3636  Sen. Cantwell  253 572 2281
~Call Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra directly at (202) 690-7000 and ask him to cancel the REACH program immediately.
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