Indivisible Town Hall – Civil Rights




We have a chance to advocate progressive values in Olympia!

Please join us on Thursday, December 3, when we’ll talk civil rights policy with Sen. Jamie Pedersen (LD43,)Chair of the Senate Law & Justice Committee, and Rep. Debra Entenman, Vice Chair of the House College and Workforce Development Committee.

See issues and members these committees here:

Note: Our 28th LD Representative, Mari Leavitt, serves on this Committee.

Organized by Washington Indivisible Network, Indivisible Tacoma, and Washington State Indivisible Podcast; and moderated by Stephan Cox, Washington State Indivisible Podcast.

This public webinar will be recorded, and the video (YouTube), audio (podcast), and chat will be publicly available.


Indivisible TOWN HALL Series: Legislative Insiders and Congressional Insiders 

Our new Insiders Town Hall series give an amazing chance to learn how our elected officials work on the committees they lead.

Learn about the priorities and strategies, and be part of solidifying Indivisible’s relationship with our state and federal representatives.

You do NOT need to be a constituent to attend.

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