CALL TO ACTION – Tuesday March 23rd 5 PM Public Comment on Ordinance 28747

The Tacoma City Council will consider Ordinance 28747 at their Tuesday, March 23 5pm Council meeting. We need you to show up and testify in support at the March 23 Council meeting.

If you cannot attend, to send an email or call the Mayor and Council Members (instructions in the comments.)

Ordinance 28747 at adopts a sales tax of 1/10th of 1% for affordable housing.

This would provide about $5 Million/year for affordable housing.

This $5M would leverage another $48 Million annually and create an estimated 160 housing units each year.

We need you to help the Mayor and Council understand what 160 new housing units every year for the next twenty years would mean.

These are some of the supporters of Ordinance 28747:

      • Tacoma Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium

      • Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce

      • Tacoma Public Schools

      • Washington Housing Finance Commission

      • Low Income Housing Institute

      • Horizon Housing

      • Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority

      • Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness

      • Tacoma Housing Authority


An ordinance amending Chapter 6A.70 of the Municipal Code, relating to an ordinance relating to local sales or use taxes;

authorizing the maximum capacity of the tax authorized under the provisions of House Bill 1590 for housing and related services;

amending Chapter 6A.70 of the Tacoma Municipal Code by the addition of two new sections, to be known and designated as Section 6A.70.041, “Additional sales or use tax for housing and related services—

Imposition,” and Section 6A.70.042, “Additional sales or use tax for housing and related services – Rate”;

and by amending Section 6A.70.120, regarding administration and collection of the tax.


This is the time set aside for public comment on Resolutions and first and final reading of Ordinances.

Speakers are asked to identify the specific legislation they wish to address.

Comments will not be accepted on Ordinances forwarded to the City Council by the Hearing Examiner for which a public hearing has already been held.

On tonight’s agenda that includes Ordinance Nos. 28679, 28745, and 28746.

To request to speak during Public Comment, please press the Raise Hand button near the bottom of your Zoom window or *9 on your phone.

Your name or the last four digits of your phone number will be called out when it is your turn to speak.

The City Council meeting can be heard by dialing 253-215-8782 or through Zoom at and entering the Meeting ID 848 3423 3126 and Passcode 349099, when prompted.

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