Almost all the votes are counted for the August 4 Primary Election.
Look for updated results here:

Many Indivisible members worked super hard phone banking, texting, donating, sign-waving, and getting people to vote!

What can we learn from the results? Where to we focus our work now to elect progressive candidates?

CD10:   Doglio vs Strickland
Reeves has conceded and our Indivisible-endorsed candidate, Beth Doglio, will compete with Strickland in the General election. Democrats are still largely unaware that Doglio the progressive, is the endorsed Democrat in the race and Strickland has no endorsements from Democratic organizations (for many reasons).

Lt. Governor:  Liias vs. Heck
Liias, the progressive candidate who takes no corporate money, will have time to become more well known across the state. Heck did not do as well as expected given his name recognition.

Other Statewide Races:
Most Statewide Democrats did well.
Tarleton has a difficult contest for Secretary of State because of the myths that Wyman is fair and doing a good job.
Reykdal (WA Sup’t of Public Instruction) is challenged because of false claims his opponent was allowed to put in the Voter Pamphlet.
Pellicciotti is leading but will face big money in the General for State Treasurer.  It will be a major task to get key information out in Letters to the Editor and other channels across the state.

Local Races:
LD28 – Nobles vs O’Ban
 While Nobles bested O’Ban in first returns, the race is tight.  Leavitt and Bronoske won handily but will continue to need support.
LD25 – Door, Smith, and Duthie have uphill races.
LD29 Morgan prevails, Kirby and Mena in a tight race.
LD27 – Darneille, Jinkins, and Fey stay strong.

Pierce County Council, Executive, and Sheriff:  

#2   Sarah Rumbaugh @ 44.42%   vs.  Hans Zeiger (R) @ 55.43%    

#3   Marcus Young @ 21.06%  vs.  Amy Cruver (R) @ 42.54%

#4   Ryan Mello @ 30.12%  vs.  Javier Figueroa (I) @ 29.28%

#6   Jani Hitchen @ 50.52% vs  Jason Whalen (R) @ 49.3%

Executive:  Larry Seaquist @ 43.62%  vs.  Bruce Dammeier @ 56.26%

Sheriff:  Cyndie Fajardo @ 19.5% vs.  Ed Troyer @ 52.45% (Fajardo at least has begun talking about changes in policing.)

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