Members worked hard contacting their state representatives during the 2021 Session!

We list favored bills that passed and those that we will need work in 2022.

Indivisible Tacoma 2021 WA State Legislative Session Report

IT advocated for or followed the bills listed below which have been passed by both chambers. Some are awaiting the Governor’s signature. Underlined bills have been signed by the Governor by May 1st. We sent out 294 calls to action via email and social media, and Indivisible Tacoma documented 1186 legislator contacts in Take Action Network (TAN). It is likely that IT actually made three times as many contacts as many actions were not documented. Statewide Indivisibles made over 10,000 documented legislator contacts, which also would likely be 3 times more. (TAN was created by FUSE and WA Indivisible Legislative Action (WILA) increased its effectiveness immensely.

1050 Prohibit certain fluorinated gases
1091 Clean Fuels will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) by reducing carbon intensity of trans- portation fuel. Aims to reduce transportation GHG 20% below 2017 levels by 2035
1168 Long term forest health and wildfire prevention.
5000 Hydrogen electric vehicles
5022 Managing solid waste through prohibitions on expanded polystyrene, providing for food service ware upon customer request, and addressing plastic packaging.
5026 Zero emissions cargo handling equipment at the ports
5126 Carbon cap & trade bill allows polluters to buy pollution “credits” that would shrink over time. We wanted a stronger bill. Climate groups disagreed on this bill.
5141 (HEAL Act) uses a racial & equity justice lens for plans & implementation of environmental actions.

Police Reforms
1267 Creates an office of Independent Investigations within the Governor’s office to investigate deadly force incidents involving police officers.
5055 Establishes a statewide roster for arbitrating law enforcement disciplinary grievances and publishing decisions. (ACLU & IT supported a stronger bill- still this is a victory).
1054 Police Tactics – Bans chokeholds, no knock warrants, limits police use of military equipment, places restrictions on use of tear gas, vehicular pursuits, and police dogs
1088 Police Impeachment disclosures. Prosecutors must disclose to the defense any prior misconduct by a police officer that would discredit their testimony.
1089 Compliance Audits of law enforcement agencies by the State Auditor
1140 Juvenile Access to Attorney
1310 Establishes a statewide standard for police use of force, requires de-escalation and use of less lethal methods when possible
5051 Increases state oversight/accountability of peace and corrections officers, including background investigations of applicants and expanding the conduct that can result in decertification. Increases civilians on Criminal Justice Training Commission
5066 Requires police officers to intervene if other officers engage in excessive force or misconduct.
5259 Law enforcement data collection on police uses of deadly force. (Nobles – Primary sponsor)
5263 Allows people to bring civil lawsuits against police for personal injury, even if the person injured was said to be committing a felony
5353 Creates a partnership model to facilitate community engagement with law enforcement (Sen. Conway – primary sponsor).

Social Justice
1016 Makes Juneteenth a state holiday (Rep. Morgan is the primary sponsor
1078 Restores voting rights to felons no longer in total confinement.
1090 Bans private detention centers.
5015 Bans fraudulent ballot boxes.
5038 Bans open carry of firearms at demonstrations and at the capitol
5135 Racist 911 Calls. Criminal charges for false reports, victims can bring civil action
5183 Non-Fatal Strangulation – increases forensic nurse training and makes examinations free of charge for victims (Sen. Nobles is the primary sponsor)
5226 Driving While Poor – failure to pay a traffic infraction will no longer result in license suspension. Makes payment plans available.
5293 Mental health sentencing alternatives
5476 Blake v. State bill – Makes possession of personal amounts of controlled substances a misdemeanor instead of a felony and prioritizes treatment.

1166 A pilot program to provide resources to homeless and former foster care students attending college. (Rep. Leavitt is primary sponsor)
1370 Grants for early learning facilities.
5184 Provides support for foster care students in schools. (Sen, Nobles – Primary sponsor)
1044 Reduce incarceration through education in prison. (Rep. Leavitt – primary sponsor)
1139 Requires testing for lead in school drinking water.
5044 Equity training in public schools.
5237 Fair Start for Kids – Expands accessible, affordable child care.
5321 Expanding access to the College Bound scholarships. (Sen. Nobles – primary sponsor)

1276 Allows EMTs to work in diversion centers providing short-term placement and shelter to homeless adults with a substance use disorder or other behavioral health issues, diverting them from incarceration toward treatment. (Rep. Bronoske – primary sponsor).
5068 Expands postpartum Medicaid.
5052 Requires the WA Department of Health to designate health equity zones based on health disparity data and to work with community groups to address these inequalities.
5140 Protect the Pregnant Patient Act. Hospitals cannot prevent providers from providing medically appropriate miscarriage care.
5203 Allows the Health Care Authority to enter into partnerships to purchase generic drugs.
5399 Universal Healthcare Commission to explore pathways to assure comprehensive, affordable healthcare to all WA residents.

Tax Equity/ Economic Relief
1151 Bolster economic recovery and provide food and cash assistance to families in need. Rep. Leavitt – primary sponsor)
1297 Working Families Tax exemption-provides low income families a larger tax refund, based on income and number of children.
5096 Capital Gains Tax- imposes a 7% excise tax on capital gains over $250,000 from the sales of stocks, bonds and other large capital assets. Affects the top 0.5% of households to increase tax equity. Retirement accounts, homes and family businesses are exempt.

5160 Provides tenant protections during the public health emergency, providing for legal representation in eviction cases, establishing an eviction resolution pilot program for nonpayment of rent cases, and authorizing landlord access to certain rental assistance programs. Gov signed with line item veto. 1220 Includes planning for homeless shelters and low income housing in the Growth Management Act
1236 Just Cause Evictions – Tenants cannot be evicted unless there is just cause.
1277 Creates a $100 document processing fee, with the funds being used for rental assistance and eviction prevention. We lobbied to exempt sewer and water districts from the fee and the amendment was passed.

1336 Public Broadband- Allows public entities to provide broadband services.
1457 Broadband on limited access highways.

Privacy We vigorously lobbied against 5062, a corporate-supported bad privacy bill, and it did not pass. A victory!

Bills we will try to pass during 2022 legislative session


1046 Community Solar
1084 Reducing GHG emissions by decarbonization of buildings, moving away from fossil fuels and increasing energy efficiency of buildings.
1117 Promoting Salmon Recovery
1537 Ending Fossil Fuel Tax Exemptions
5312 Funds to facilitate transit oriented development

Economic/Tax Equity
1406 Wealth Tax
1465 Make the estate tax more progressive
5010 Preventing the use of credit scores in setting insurance rates.(requested by the insurance commissioner)
5188 State Public Bank
5448 Sen Nobles car tab payment plan

1141 Increase access to the Death with Dignity Act
1160 Preventing healthcare monopolies
5204 Whole Washington Health trust

Police Accountability
1202 The bill would remove barriers for victims and their families to sue and hold officers and departments civilly liable for misconduct and eliminate qualified immunity as a defense. Police accountability agenda loses some teeth in WA Legislature | Crosscut
1203 Civilian community oversight boards for police Police accountability agenda loses some teeth in WA

Legislature | Crosscut
1202 The bill would remove barriers for victims and their families to sue and hold officers and departments civilly liable for misconduct and eliminate qualified immunity as a defense. Police accountability agenda loses some teeth in WA Legislature | Crosscut
1203 Civilian community oversight boards for police Police accountability agenda loses some teeth in WA 

Good Government
1156 Ranked Choice Voting-A priority of LWV
1433 People’s Privacy Act. The ACLU and Tech Equity Coalition worked with Sen Kloba on this bill with strong data privacy provisions.
5170 Government officials should take a break before becoming lobbyists-Priority of LWV
5182 Eliminate advisory votes-Priority of LWV

1076 Worker Protection Act-Rep. Bronoske’s bill-Allows whistleblowers to bring action on behalf of the state for violations of workplace protections. Corporations were strongly opposed.

Gun Control
1229/5217 Ban assault rifles
5078 Ban high capacity magazines

More bills passed and more people testified than usual in this mostly virtual session!

Washington State Indivisible Podcast, recorded May 1:

Panel: What the Hell Happened in Olympia This Year? A Legislative Wrap-Up by The Washington State Indivisible Podcast (

– Shasti Conrad (Chair of the King County Democrats)
– Rich Smith (The Stranger)

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