In-person at Evergreen Tacoma, Saturday 1PM

SPEAKERS include:
* Yasmin Trudeau, State Senator
* Dr. LaMont Green, Co-Founder, Lived Experience Coalition
* Michael Whalen, UFCW Local 367, Vice-President & Shop Steward
* Sean Arent, Tacoma DSA Eco-Socialist chair
* Mattice Hoyte, Mattice Beauty Supply
* Marquis Mason, Tacoma Green New Deal
* Kiss’Shona Curtis, Serve The People
* David Galazin, Tacoma DSA Housing Justice chair
* Zachery Wood, Assistant Prof. of Public Affairs at Seattle Univ.
* Carmela Saxxy, Lived Experience Coalition
* Ty Moore, Tacoma DSA Campaign Coordinator
* The Raging Grannies!
Masks required. Childcare provided on request – contact Steve:
Tacoma area rents rose 22% last year, forcing thousands of families out of our city or into homelessness. The profit-driven housing industry has failed us. Wall Street speculators, big landlords, and developers all benefit from the housing shortage, hiking prices to gouge working people. Without major public-sector investments, Tacoma’s housing crisis will only worsen.

Join us for a grassroots gathering to discuss real policy solutions to the housing affordability crisis, and to build a movement to win. Hear from housing justice organizers, people experiencing housing insecurity, community leaders, and your neighbors.

We are petitioning Tacoma City Council to pass the HOME IN TACOMA FOR ALL Platform as part of their “Home in Tacoma Phase 2,” which will be voted on early next year. We must treat housing as a human right, not a commodity to enrich the big landlords, developers, and fossil fuel corporations.

AFFORDABLE HOMES for All – Make the Developers Pay
STABLE HOMES for All – Pass a Renters Bill of Rights
GREEN HOMES for All – Stop PSE from Poisoning Our Homes
Create No-Barrier Shelters & a “Housing First” Strategy
Fund a Mental-Health Response Team, Not More Police

Read the full HOME IN TACOMA FOR ALL Platform and sign the petition here:…/home-in-tacoma-for-all…/

* Democratic Socialists of America, Tacoma Pierce County
* Serve The People Tacoma
* Tacoma Tenant’s Organizing Committee
* Lived Experience Coalition

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