Indivisible Tacoma members know local elections matter. Here’s what we did:

Encouraged people to run for office. 

Evaluated candidates for endorsement. 

Produced a forum to present them to membership. 

Knocked on hundreds of doors

Put up signs, attended fundraisers, phone-banked, told our friends, text-banked, and waved signs to bring attention and increase turnout.


All the volunteers contributed to building a stronger community in Pierce County! 

Congratulations to our candidates who won. The losses are disappointing, but we are hugely grateful to the candidates who stepped forward to run.


Here’s how it looks for IT Endorsed/Recommended candidates:

November 2021 Election Results

Candidates who won:


Ethelda Burke-UP School Board (Endorsed)

Marisa Peloquin-UP School Board (Endorsed)

Ed Woods-UP City Council (Preferred)


Maame Bassaw-Dupont City Council (Recommended)

Mike Winkler-Dupont City Council (Preferred)

Beth Elliot-Dupont City council (Recommended)

Susan Walton-Dupont City Council (Recommended) Winning, but only by 13 votes


Liz Grasher-Steilacoom City Council (Endorsed)

Jennifer Macdonald- Steilacoom school Board (Endorsed)

Roger Neal-Steilacoom City council (Recommended)


Nikki Bufford-Fircrest City Council (Endorsed)

Shannon Reynolds-Fircrest City Council (Recommended)


Victoria Woodards-Tacoma Mayor (Recommended)

Sarah Rumbaugh-Tacoma City Council (Endorsed)

Catherine Ushka-Tacoma City Council (Recommended)

Kiara Daniels-Tacoma City Council (Endorsed)

Enrique Leon-Tacoma School Board (Endorsed)

Korey Strozier-Tacoma School Board (Recommended)

Chelsea McElroy-Tacoma School Board (Recommended)

Elizabeth Bonbright-Tacoma School Board (Endorsed)


Gary Barton-Water Commissioner (Endorsed)

Alyssa Anderson Pearson-Clover Park School Board (Preferred)


Julie Door-Puyallup City Council (Endorsed)

Candidates who lost:


Port of Tacoma

Elizabeth Pew (Endorsed)

Mary Bacon (Endorsed)



Marty Schafer – Clover Park School Board (Endorsed)

Siabhon Ayuso – Lakewood City council (Recommended)



Deanna Nuttbrook-Allen  Fircrest City council (Endorsed)


Joe Colombo-Puyallup City Council (Endorsed)


Anne Artman-Tacoma City Council (Endorsed)

Bill Hanawalt-Tacoma School Board (Endorsed)

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