“Count Every Vote” Post-Election Actions Planned Across The US If Trump Contests Results, Declares Victory Before All Votes Counted

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With every tweet and refusal to commit to accepting the legitimate results of the 2020 election, Trump seeks to stoke chaos and fear. 

We will be ready.  If Trump tries to steal the election or prevent every vote from being counted, the Protect the Results will activate nationwide mobilizations to demand that all the votes are counted and for the peaceful transition of power. 

Join us to honor the valid results of the 2020 election, ensure that every vote is counted, and show up to demand the peaceful transition of power.

 We think the likelihood of activation is high. We should all plan as though these events could be early on Wednesday, November 4. The date and time remain tentative.

You will receive a notification from the organizer when  date and time are final.

Volunteer to help with the Tacoma event –
contact: indivisibletacomachapter@gmail.com or 

The Transition Integrity Project (TIP) convened a bipartisan group of over 100 current and former senior government and campaign leaders and other experts in a series of 2020 election crisis scenario planning exercises. Read more here: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/7013152/Preventing-a-Disrupted-Presidential-Election-and.pdf

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