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The Black Parents Alliance works within the community to discuss relevant topics, gain information, and make decisions to improve the education of their children.

We advocate for policies that improve the intellectual, social, and emotional success of Black scholars and families; empower and give voice to the concerns and successes of Black families and scholars in Tacoma; and mobilize allies within the community to highlight the need for more robust systems of support for Black students.

We have not met in a few months and The Black Families Conference is a great way to kick start our meetings again.

Join us to hear from subject matter experts on a broad range of topics to support healthy students. Ask questions and gather resources.

We are offering books and resource packets to families that register early while supplies last.

Planned Discussions:

* Starting Strong with Prenatal Support and Early Learning
* Accessing Expanded Learning Opportunities
* Providing Affordable Housing Solutions
* Accessing Mental Health and Therapy Services
* Resources for Building Positive Learning Environments at Home
* Delaying Marijuana Use and Vaping
* Successful Strategies for Post-Secondary Enrollment

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