Are you part of the wave?

November 3 General Election, 119 days from now!

The August 4 Primary Ballots mail out on July 17!
Text-banking, phone-banking, putting up signs, fund-raising – each task makes a difference for our local, state, and national candidates. Visit the campaign website of an individual candidate you care about, and sign up to do this work!

Do you want to boost someone in a Primary race, like Marko Liias or Beth Doglio? Help them before people start voting in just ten days!

Here in Pierce County, great candidates are in crucial races in the 25th, 26th, and 28th Legislative Districts. The Washington State Democrats also make it easy to volunteer. You can find more info HERE.

Unity Week of Action – Indivisible National
July 27 will mark 100 days until the general election and will begin commitment by Indivisibles to reach out to 20 million voters! Watch for more on this…

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