Elections matter. Local elections REALLY matter.

Around 12% of ballots had been returned/recorded in Pierce County as of Friday, October 29 – so few citizens using their voices!

Are you distressed about?

~Fossil fuel expansion on the Tideflats

~Excessive use of force by police

~People without shelter

~Extreme right-wing school board members

The answer: Elect good candidates who will work on solutions! 

Where is YOUR ballot? Fill it out and turn it in!!! Remind 3 others, who will remind 3 more, and so on…

Share your enthusiasm for the compassionate, thoughtful, dedicated people who are running.

Ballot Drop Boxes: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=13M_ZTb_zVszBZRjsNm5UvOfhmBU&ll=47.17413419874129%2C-122.47633723144537&z=9

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