The People of Ukraine are fighting for self-governance, and Vladimir Putin wants destruction.

In February, Anne Applebaum wrote:

“At this moment in history, something unusual is happening there. Among those 40 million, a significant number—at all levels of society, all across the country, in every field of endeavor—aspire to create a fairer, freer, more prosperous country than any they have inhabited in the past. Among them are people willing to dedicate their lives to fighting corruption, to deepening democracy, to remain sovereign and free. Some of those people are willing to die for these ideas.

The clash that is coming will matter to all of us, in ways that we can’t yet fathom. In the centuries-long struggle between autocracy and democracy, between dictatorship and freedom, Ukraine is now the front line—and our front line too.”

We are on guard against autocratic impulses here in the US and demand our representatives hold the January 6 Insurrectionists accountable. Call and remind them!

Rep Kilmer 253 272 3515. Rep Strickland 202 225 9740.
Sen. Murray. 253 572 3636  Sen. Cantwell  253 572 2281

From Indivisible National’s Leah Greenberg:
Putin’s war of aggression is part of the global rise of authoritarianism, and an intentional strategy to stamp out democracy.

As Indivisibles, we stand on the side of democracy and the side of Ukrainians. We’ve already seen Indivisible leaders host vigils, raise money, and come together to support the Ukrainian people around the country. As the war continues, we share some ideas for how you can take action:

• Host a Fundraiser. In-person or online to help raise funds to support Ukrainians. We recommend Choose Love, which is providing vital aid and services to those still in and fleeing the country and supporting other conflict-affected refugees in your community.

• Get Involved in Local Refugee Resettlement. As Indivisibles, we must ensure that all refugees are welcomed to live in dignity, regardless of their nationality, religion, or which conflict they are fleeing. We recommend you get in touch with the volunteer coordinator of the agency that serves your area to ask what they most need and how you can help — whether that’s organizing a volunteer training or helping to set up an apartment for a new family.

Refugee resettlement organizations in Washington State:

More information:

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