Thank your Rep. Event – November 8th
Lakewood Starbucks
6040 Main St. SW Lakewood                                                                                                                                  Nov. 8th, 4:00PM

GO4Action Team would like to thank everyone for supporting our events! Please join us in writing thank you cards to your Reps during Nov. Recess and delivering them to their office. Grab some friends to go with you or make calls together to thank them for supporting and voting for Impeachment. #ImpeachAndRemove

Sign up here and stay tuned for the Impeachment Action on the Eve of the Impeachment vote when we will show up in mass to demand 45 be Impeached and Removed from office. We are expecting the vote may be sometime in December but without a specific date we are asking that you register for the event so you will be updated as soon as we know. Like the Mueller events this action is being coordinated across the country but you will have the best info on local time and location by signing up for the event.

The House is currently out on recess, which means it’s a great time for you to make your voice heard in your home district! Here’s all the information you need to tell your members of Congress what you expect of them when they return to Washington:

  • Congress needs to vote to fund the government by November 21. The next deadline to avoid a government shutdown is November 21, and the pressure is turning up on Congress to act. The House and Senate will try to work to pass another short-term funding bill (known as a “continuing resolution,” or “CR”) that will last until December, January, or even later. We need to make sure Congress continues to hold strong against Trump’s racist immigration agenda by working to Defund Hate — check out our resources here!
  • The House will vote soon on its bill to bring down prescription drug prices. Lowering the cost of people’s medicine is rightly a top priority for Congress, and H.R. 3 — which is the House’s bill for doing so — needs to be as strong as possible to ensure it would improve people’s lives. Right now, it has some key gaps that would result in too many people spending too much for the drugs they need. Make sure to check out this document that includes a town hall question for any public events with your member, then call your member of Congress and tell them to improve H.R. 3, and use our leave-behind if you have a meeting with your member of Congress’s staff
  • Tacoma City Council vote on gun/ammunition tax, rescheduled for Tuesday, November 12, 5:00PM
  • SB5224, Advisory Votes Nuisance Bill Action:
    What was all that stuff on your ballot? Many voters do not understand the Advisory Votes, which are meaningless, and they probably feel overwhelmed with the dense text about multiple issues. This time, they were part of Tim Eyman’s anti-tax mischief.
    An Indivisible Tacoma member wrote a great letter to the TNT about this:
    Here’s an action you can take right now:
    Write to our legislators and urge them to take action this year. More info here.
  • Sample Script:
    I urge you to take action on the presence of “advisory votes” on our ballots. Candidates in important races have been pushed to the BACK of the ballot while these meaningless anti-tax measures are put front and center. This confuses voters, wastes tremendous amounts of revenue (up to $3 million if you include the voter’s pamphlet) and serves no purpose other than to spread anti-tax messaging.
    It is time to end this farce.
    I support SB5224 and I urge you to make it a priority in the upcoming legislative session. Thank you!
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