Indivisible Tacoma Legislative Agenda

Trump and Republicans have taken actions to:

1. Repeal and undermine the Affordable Care Act and allow extreme
overcharging by big Pharma.

2. Muslim Ban; Extreme detention/deportation; Abusive immigration policies; Separation of families, Break normal asylum laws.

3.  Created the Tax Scam: providing billions in tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

4. Rollback environmental protections & increase support for fossil fuels & destructive industries.

5. Undermine/Destroy the Endangered Species Act.

6. Obstruct investigations into election interference; undermine the rule of law.

7. Implement voter suppression and refuse to protect our elections; Corruption and big money influence government decisions

8. Use the electoral college to elect people without the popular vote;

9. Express extreme racist, sexist, homophobic, and ableist views and
implement policies that support these views.

10. Expand the abuses of the “for-profit” prison & detention systems, including officer brutality and murder.

11. Use the offices of the government for personal enrichment.

12. Encourage violence and mass shootings.

13. Unilaterally withdraw from international treaties and agreements, and
support dictators.

14. Institute unilateral tariffs and create new trade deals w/o labor/
environmental protections (NAFTA 2.0).

15. Erode public education and increase college student debt.

16. Increase homelessness and decrease affordable housing.

17. Perpetuate wage and job inequality.

18. Allow deterioration of infrastructure, especially cyber security.

19. Erode access to women’s health and reproductive freedom.

20. Nominate and confirm unqualified right wing judges.

21. Erode consumer and financial regulations.

22. Lease, privatize, commercialize public lands & National Parks.

23. Encourage & extort foreign interference into US elections.

Indivisible Tacoma has taken actions to support:

1. Healthcare: Single payer universal healthcare as a human right. Support Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, Regulate Pharma.

2. Immigration Rights: Support Dreamers, Create positive immigration laws; Keep families together and Honor asylum policies.

3. Reverse Republican tax breaks for the corporations and rich. Fair share taxation.

4. Rejoin global agreements (Paris Accord); Green New Deal – Stop fossil fuel use/development; Support renewable energy with jobs.

5. Support the Endangered Species Act; Save public lands & natural habitats.

6. Impeachment based on independent investigations of interference into elections, obstruction of Congress, and other crimes.

7. Support HR 1: More voting rights, limit gerrymandering & donor secrecy. Stop the influence of big money in elections and government.

8. Support the Popular Vote Movement, Eliminate the electoral college.

9. Increase Civil Rights laws (racial, gender, LGBTQ, disability rights, etc.) Enforce laws against violence, bullying, profiling, and harassment.

10. Oppose and close “for-profit” prisons and detention centers; Stop police abuse and unnecessary deadly force.

11. Prosecute violations of the emoluments clause.

12. Gun safety: Support the Peace Plan for a Safer America (Parkland Students)

13. Foreign policy and national security: Support nuclear and peace treaties; Challenge endless wars and huge military budgets.

14. Fair trade and economic policies: NAFTA 2.0 must include labor, environmental protections and enforcement.

15. Excellent public education for all; Affordable/accessible higher education.

16. Affordable Housing: Challenge homelessness, poverty, and inequality.

17. Fight for unions, $15 minimum wage, and keep jobs in the US.

18. Green New Deal, infrastructure $, and increase cyber & voting security.

19. Support women’s health and reproductive freedom.

20. Assure qualified fair judges. Eliminate the filibuster.

21. Regulate the financial industry; Reinstate consumer protections.

22. Protect and expand strict regulations on public lands & National Park.

23. Pass federal legislation requiring all states to election protection standards.

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