Resist Those Who Profit from Human Misery!

Today’s post comes from a freshman activist who attended the Tacoma City Council meeting regarding the Northwest Detention Center:

Those who profit and flourish, monetarily and/or ideologically, from the Trump agenda, are smart enough to distance themselves from his name and his rhetoric. But they still base their arguments on some well-dressed variation of, "Let’s agree, those bleeding-heart liberals simply don’t get how things really work."

This bleeding heart begs to differ.

Yesterday, countless brave members of the community shared testimonies about life-or-death health care crises, rape and sexual assault, malnutrition, extortion, exploitation of labor, lack of due process, willful separation of families, and near-complete lack of either operational accountability or transparency in the Northwest Detention Center. Representatives for this company, which profits from human misery, stood in their suit and ties, arguing essentially this:

Nevermind the snowflakes; there is no avalanche.

To which I say: no! Resist. Resist. Resist. Find solidarity through your Indivisible Tacoma community. By whatever legal means you’re comfortable with, and for whichever issues Trump stirs that strike most against your core values, speak up with your elected officials.

You don’t even have to be politically liberal or a so-called snowflake to take these urgent, important steps. You just have to resist some part the Trump agenda.

Don’t assume that Facebook activism actually accomplishes anything. March, boycott, and picket, but perhaps most potently, take the unglamorous, seemingly boring actions of engaging in everyday democracy, every day.

Your actions and your voice and most of all, your tenacity, are the undoing of those who, blatantly or tacitly, support a fascist president and take strength in a wink-nod approach that underestimates your power. Expose the cracks in that approach by making yourself heard.

Be indivisible, Tacoma.