⏰ Urgent: Just 6 Hours to Make Your Voice Heard In Our Survey

⏰ Urgent: Just 6 Hours to Make Your Voice Heard In Our Survey

Tell Us What You Think: What Should Indivisible’s Priorities Be for the 2020 Primaries?

This is the LAST DAY for this survey and we need your responses by 5:00 p.m. TODAY!

As the primary season rolls out, we at Indivisible Tacoma want to reflect your priorities in our visions, priorities, and plans, and in our feedback to Indivisible National. Please take a minute to let us know, and fill out our form below. Or, to go to the form page, click here.


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General Meeting on May 1st

Voter Registration 2.0: New Technology, New Laws! With Julie Anderson, Pierce County Auditor.

General Meeting - Indivisible Tacoma - with Julie Anderson

Come one, come all, to our general meeting, featuring a talk by Julie Anderson, Pierce County Auditor.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation
1115 S 56th St, Tacoma, WA 98408


Help Us Raise $500 and Indivisible U.S. Will Match Your Gift

With activists across the nation, we’ve pushed back against the Trump agenda and taken back the House. Now, we want to keep up the good work and also push for positive change at the state legislature here in Washington. We’ve set our goal to raise $500 this month for upcoming actions… AND Indivisible National has offered to match this goal, dollar for dollar — but only for donations we receive THIS MONTH.

Help us reach our goal and meet this matching challenge by chipping in $20.19 — your gift will go twice as far if you give today!

Indivisible Tacoma is completely volunteer-run and we operate on a shoestring budget.  Your contributions will help us pay for signs, printed materials, our website, email list, rent for our meeting venue at the Tahoma Unitarian Universal Congregation, voter registration booths, gas, snacks for volunteers, and other expenses.

Chip in $20.19 today so Indivisible Tacoma can keep organize, build power, and continue to fight back in 2019.

Donate to Indivisible Tacoma Today!

Thank you!

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Action Alerts

You may have noticed we’re pushing out more action alerts lately. This is because we’re now doing state actions as well as national actions. Why are we taking this on when we still haven’t gotten Donald Trump out of the White House? Because, now that the Democratic Party has majorities in our state legislature, we can actually get things done. By calling, emailing, and meeting with our state reps and senators, we can help get bills out of committee, onto the floor, and passed. And these bills can dramatically transform our lives for the better.

If you don’t know what legislative district you’re in, here’s a guide.

Actions and Events - Colorful hands waving in air.

National Action Alerts

Enough is Enough. Stephen Miller Must Go.

Stephen Miller has been controlling this administration’s immigration policy despite the fact that he has not been approved by Congress. Beginning with the Muslim ban, he has continually goaded the president into taking questionable and illegal action. This latest attempt to dump detained immigrants into sanctuary cities as political
retribution is the last straw. It is time for Congress to challenge and investigate this misuse of power that is both cruel and illegal.

ACTION: Call our MOC’s with this message:

“I am calling as a member of Indivisible Tacoma to ask that (Senator/Congressman) publicly call for an investigation into Stephen Miller’s role in asking ICE to dump immigration detainees into sanctuary cities. The House Oversight Committee should immediately call as witnesses Department of Homeland Security employees to get to the bottom of this misuse of power. If accurate, there should be a bipartisan demand for his firing. Our country is better than this.

  • Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6) 253-272-3515
  • Congressman Denny Heck: phone: 360-459-8514
  • Senator Patty Murray: Phone: (253) 572-3636
  • Senator Maria Cantwell: Phone: (253) 572-2281

Today Is Tax Day – We Want Trump’s Tax Returns

Illustration with Donald Trump behind bars.

House Ways and Means committee have requested six years of trump’s tax returns from the IRS. One of Congress’s duties is oversight as a co-equal branch of government. Chairman R. Neal requested in a letter to the IRS Commissioner Rettig to release the personal and business tax returns 2013-2018. A 1924 federal law states that
the IRS and release tax returns for committee oversight. Treasury Secretary S Mnuchin stated that the date of April 10 would be missed. The new date set is April 23. Ways and Means next step in the oversight is to ready a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns.

Ask our members of Congress to support the Ways and Means Committee oversight request for the request for Trump’s tax return for the past 6 years. If the request has not been satisfied by Mnuchin or Rettig the committee needs to be ready with a subpoena or lawsuit – no more delays. We The People want Congress to fulfill their sworn constitutional mandate of oversight by receiving the tax returns by April 23 and to use all their constitutional POWER to reach that

If you’re in the 10th District, thank Denny Heck for Co-sponsoring.

  • Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6) 253-272-3515
  • Congressman Denny Heck (D-10): phone: 360-459-8514
  • Senator Patty Murray (D): Phone: (253) 572-3636
  • Senator Maria Cantwell (D): Phone: (253) 572-2281

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State Action Alerts

Calling and emailing our state reps and senators can make a big difference! Don’t know what legislative district you’re in? Check out our handy guide.

Washington State Capitol in Olympia.

Photo CC by A-SA 3.0 Bluedisk via Wikimedia Commons.

Criminal Justice Reform: Thank You, Governor Inslee!

On March 13, Governor Inslee signed a proclamation making April 2019 Second Chance Month in the state of Washington. Second Chance Month is a nationwide effort, spearheaded by the non-profit Prisoner Fellowship, to raise awareness about the barriers faced by and unlock brighter futures for the 1 in 3 Americans with a criminal record (including over 37,000 of our fellow Washingtonians), which limits their access to education, jobs, housing, and other things they need to reach a brighter future. Governor Inslee is one of 20 governors across the nation to have signed such a proclamation.

ACTION: Thank Governor Inslee for making this proclamation! Call his office at (360) 902-4111.
Or send an e-message.

Call our Lawmakers to Support the Following Bills That are Heading for a Full Vote:

  • SHB 1739 Dealing with ghost guns and undetectable firearms.
  • SB 5339 Abolishing capital punishment.
  • 2SSB 5602 Eliminating barriers to reproductive health care for all.
  • SB 5339 Abolishing capital punishment.

Urge Lawmakers on the Rules Committee to Get These Bills Through the House Rules Committee!

If you’re in LDs 25 and 28, today’s your day to shine, because your reps serve on the House Rules Committee! The bill numbers, names, and scripts are in the bulleted list below. Phone calls are the best way to make an impact. But you can also copy and paste this list into an email. We provide the contact info below.

  • SB 5135 – Toxic Pollution: Please vote yes on SB 5135 in your House Rules committee, and move to a floor vote before the April 17 cutoff date. I support this bill which authorizes the Department of Ecology to take actions to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in consumer products before the pollution contaminates homes, people, waterways, salmon, and orcas, and before it creates the need for expensive cleanup and treatment.
  • SB 5602 – Reproductive Healthcare Access for All: Please vote yes on SB 5602 to provide necessary reproductive healthcare to all low-income adults regardless of status and gender identity or expression.
  • SB 5577 Orca/Vessel Separation: Please vote yes for SB 5577 in your House Rules committee, and move to a floor vote before the April 17 cutoff date. I support this bill, which enhances Orca recovery by reducing their foraging interference by marine vessels.
  • SB 5489 – HEAL – Healthy Environment for All: Please vote YES on the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act, SB 5489, and move to a floor vote before the April 17 cutoff date. The HEAL Act would define environmental justice and improve environmental health conditions for all Washington residents by prioritizing state agencies to work to improve conditions in areas where communities are suffering most from pollution. Environmental health disparities caused by industrial waste and diesel exhaust need to be addressed. Thanks for supporting our communities with your YES vote on SB 5489.
  • SB 5812 – Accessory Dwelling Units: Please vote YES on SB 5812 in your House Rules Committee, and move to a floor vote before the April 17 cutoff date. I support this bill, which makes affordable housing easier to build, provides important housing justice and plays an important role in combating climate change by allowing us to build more energy efficient cities.

House Rules Committee Members in Our Districts

  • Rep. Christine Kilduff (D-28) 360-786-7958 christine.Kilduff@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Kelly Chambers (R-25) Asst. Minority Whip 360-786-7948 kelly.Chambers@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Chris Gildon (R-25) 360-786-7968 chris.Gildon@leg.wa.gov

Public Hearing for HI 1000 – Concerning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion THIS Thursday

This hearing includes lawmakers from the 27th, 28th, 29th, and 25th LDs so PLEASE go, call, or email and make your voice heard!

Washington is one of eight states that have banned affirmative action for our universities and local and state governments. Affirmative action is a government program that has helped reverse the effects of centuries of discrimination against people of color, women, and the disabled. It also seeks to provide equal opportunity in education, hiring, and contracting (entrepreneurship) for the following groups. This bill will reinstate affirmative action, and expand it to include all Honorably discharged Veterans. This law also protects Washington’s colleges & universities from federal penalties for using race as a factor in their student admissions programs. This bill would also add the term, “sexual orientation” to all state anti-discrimination laws. Finally, this bill would create America’s first Governor’s Commission on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Public hearing April 18th at 8:00 a.m.

If you can go, it’s at: House Hearing Rm A John L. O’Brien Building, Olympia If you can’t go, call or email your reps on the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee and your senator on the State Government, Tribal Relations, & Election Committee

House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee
  • Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-27) (Chair) 360-786-7930 laurie.Jinkins@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Christine Kilduff (D-28) 360-786-7958 christine.Kilduff@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Steve Kirby (D-29) steve.Kirby@leg.wa.gov
State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee
  • Sen. Hans Zeiger (R-25) (Ranking Member) (360) 786-7648

Script: Hi, I’m [first and last name] from [street address with zip]. I’m calling to show my support for HI 1000 for diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Which Legislative District (LD) Am I In?

If you don’t know your LD, you can look it up here on this handy, dandy map. We especially encourage you to do that if you’reBut here are some general guidelines:

  • If you live in North, West, and Central Tacoma, you’re in the 27th LD.
  • If you live in University Place, Fircrest, most of Lakewood, Steilacoom, Dupont, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Hillhurst, and Elk Plain, you’re in the 28th LD.
  • If you live in South Tacoma, Spanaway, parts of East Lakewood, parts of west Parkland, or parts of West Frederickson, you’re in the 29th LD.
  • If you live in Puyallup, Fife, Summit, South Hill, Waller, Midland, parts of east Parkland, or parts of Fern Hill, you’re in the 25th LD.


Newsy Bits

State House Passes the 100% Clean Electricity Bill (SB5116) 57-4 – Please Thank Our Reps

Clean Energy bill passes in House (photo of windmill farm).

Our State House passed the 100% Clean Electricity Bill (SB5116) 57-42, with encouragement from Indivisibles across our state who called our reps. This means our state’s power grid will be carbon neutral by 2030 and 100 percent clean by 2045. As Gizmodo explains:

The bill previously passed the state senate 28-19. After passing the house 56-42 on Thursday, the legislation goes back to the senate for a final vote. Once signed into law, Washington will join, Hawaii, California, and New Mexico as the fourth state committed to 100 percent clean energy.

Reps. Laurie Jinkins and Jake Fey from the 27th District were sponsors. Christine Kilduff and Mari Leavitt from the 28th also voted for it. Please call them and thank them!

  • Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-27) (Chair) 360-786-7930 laurie.Jinkins@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Christine Kilduff (D-28) 360-786-7958 christine.Kilduff@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Mari Leavitt (D-28) 360-786-7890 mari.Leavitt@leg.wa.gov.

Indivisible U.S. Has a New Book!

Indivisible U.S. has a new book coming out, We Are Indivisible: A Blueprint for Democracy After Trump. Learn more, or pre-order your copy, at Book.Indivisible.Org.

Thank Denny Heck for Co-sponsoring H.R. 763

On April 10th, Representative Denny Heck became a cosponsor of H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019. The bill imposes a fee on the carbon content of fuels that emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The fees will be deposited into a Carbon Dividend Trust Fund. We appreciate Representative Heck’s support for this bill.

If you’re in CD-10, please call Denny Heck and thank him!

  • Representative Denny Heck (360) 459-8514


Other Upcoming Events

Ancestral Waters

Hosted by Native Daily Network
Wednesday, April 17 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Evergreen Tacoma, Lyceum Hall, 1210 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

Ancestral Waters is a story of the Puyallup Tribes fight for their treaty, their water and their way of life.

We have stood at the side of tribal members fighting a Liquefied Natural Gas plant that violates their treaty. Ancestral Waters is their story

For more information http://www.nativedailynetwork.com/ancestral-waters/

Discuss It With Denny: The Social Security 2100 Act

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 7:00-8:30 PM
Eastside Community Center, Social Hall
1721 E 56th St. Tacoma, WA 98404

Social Security is the backbone of the American middle class and the most successful anti-poverty program in our country’s history. As more Baby Boomers approach their retirement age, Congress needs to strengthen and protect Social Security for all generations.

Please join Congressman Denny Heck for a public presentation about the Social Security 2100 Act. Co-sponsored by over 200 U.S. House members, this major legislation will cut middle-class taxes, strengthen benefits, and ensure the solvency of Social Security through this century.

About the venue: the beautiful, brand new Eastside Community Center opened last fall. Operated by Metro Parks Tacoma and located in the 10th Congressional District, this facility is a new gem of the South Sound. When coming from Thurston County on I-5 North, please take Exit 130 for S 56th St. E

350 Tacoma General Meeting

Thursday, April 18, 6:00 AM-8:00 PM
New to 350? Come at 5:30
Urban Grace, 902 Market Street, Tacoma, Wash. 98402

350 Tacoma is one of the newest groups within the 350 network which extends to 188 countries. Each group uses online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to oppose new coal, oil and gas projects, take money out of the companies that are heating up the planet, and build 100% clean energy solutions that work for all. There is much work to be done here in our own community. Join us.

Puyallup Tribe Earth Day

Monday, April 22, 2019 at at 9 AM – 12 PM
3009 E Portland Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98404

Come care for our Mother Earth this Earth Day, Monday, April 22 from 9-12pm at our Eastside Community Clean up. Then join us for dinner at 6pm followed by a screening of “Ancestral Waters” by Native Daily Network. Volunteers needed! Contact Chester Earl or Andrea Bob for info.

Black Earth

Saturday, April 27, 11 AM – 3 PM
Hosted by Hilltop Gardens
Peace Community Center
2106 S Cushman Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98405

Black Earth is a community celebration of Black People, our connection to the Earth, each other, and the food that nourishes our body, mind and soul. Black Earth showcases all the ways that Black people in Tacoma are honoring our Blackness and our connection to nature. This event will promote the health and well being of Black people locally, globally, nationally, and internationally.

There will be fun activities for all ages such as interactive music performances, juice bar, arts and crafts, and connecting with local Black Folks doing work within holistic health care. Gather with us around fun, music, and fun!

Register Here: https://goo.gl/forms/4Wr91lquV6s2Ayb53
Become an Activity Lead Here: https://goo.gl/forms/a9xHEQ128je3vOYI2

Bernie 2020: Organizing Kickoff

Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 2 PM – 4 PM
IBEW Local 76
3049 S 36th St, Tacoma, Washington 98409