Join us at our general meeting on Wednesday, 4/18/17

Join us at our general meeting on Wednesday, 4/18/17

It’s 89 days into Trump’s presidency, and while we’ve achieved some wins like beating back TrumpCare, this administration is still hard at work trampling our rights. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and powerless, this meeting is for you!

We invite you to attend this meeting to meet other concerned people like you, make phone calls on the spot (don’t worry if it’s you’ve never called your member of Congress before; we’ll help you), make signs for the upcoming March for Science, and write postcards for NWDC hunger strikers.


The meeting room at TUUC is accessed through the front door by two short flights of stairs (one to reach the front door, and one between the front door and the meeting room). There is wheelchair ramp access through a side door at the southeast corner of the building. One gender-neutral, disabled-access restroom with grab bars is located on the same level as the meeting room. There is a semi-private room adjoining the meeting space which is available if attendees need a quieter area. Service animals are welcome.

If you have questions about accessibility or have specific accessibility requests, please contact the Education/Outreach team at