ENDORSED by Indivisible Tacoma:

  • Gael Tarleton, candidate, Secretary of State
  • Mike Pellicciotti, candidate, State Treasure
  • Chris Reykdal, WA Sup’t of Public Instruction
  • Derek Kilmer, CD6 
  • Beth Doglio, CD10 – endorsed by ALL CD10 Indivisibles and LD 22,25,27,28,29 Democrats (takes no corporate money)


  • Jay Inslee, for Governor
  • Bob Ferguson, for Attorney General
  • Marki Liias, for Lt. Governor
    (Liias is WA Senate Majority Leader, more aligned with Indivisible values)
  • Hilary Franz, WA Commissioner of Public Lands
  • Pat McCarthy, State Auditor
  • Mike Kreidler, WA Insurance Commissioner
  • Pierce County Executive: Larry Seaquist
  • Pierce County Sheriff:  Fajardo
  • LD25 State Legislature:  Julie Door,  State Senate
    Jamie Smith, Rep Pos 1, Brian Duthie, Rep Pos 2
  • LD 27 State Legislature:  Darneille, Jinkins, Fey
  • LD28 State Legislature:  T’wina Nobles, State Senate
    Mari Leavitt, Rep Pos 1, Dan Bronoske, Rep Pos 2
  • LD29:  Rep Melanie Morgan, Pos 1, (Pos 2, pending)

Additional comments:

County Council races:  We recommend voting for Democrats in all these races. The Republicans have controlled the County far too long, to our great detriment.  If we change the Council and the Executive (to Seaquist,) we would see many significant improvements.

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