How much does the average voter know about the candidates?

Four years ago, 650,000 fewer people voted for State Treasurer than voted for Governor!

Our work this month:

Inform voters about the amazing progressive statewide candidates.
Could you take the time to forward these links to your friends, with a short message in your own words?
If they forward the links, we just might be able to get wins in these key positions in state government!

Chris Reykdal has served in schools, school boards, and the legislature!
Watch here to see why his opponent is so much less qualified: 
Marko Liias is the current State Senate majority leader and is perfect for the role of Lieutenant Governor, aka Senate President!
Watch here to see why Liias is the progressive choice: 
Gael Tarleton is a national security expert and supports HR1, which improved election security and access!
Watch here to see the remarkable talent she’ll bring to the job: 
Mike Pellicciotti has served in the legislature and fought financial crimes:
Watch here to see how off-the-job his Trump-loving opponent is: 

Ballots come out in 32 days! Let’s get busy.

Phone banking – most effective action and the only way we’re doing direct voter contact:

T’wina Nobles for 28th LD State Senator

Beth Doglio for 10th CD Congressperson

WA State Democrats Coordinated Campaign


Other actions:

  • Letters to the editor – Easy-to-find talking points in Town Hall videos/podcasts
  • Talking with friends, relatives – Ask if they know about our impressive WA Supreme Court candidates, and then tell them!
  • Sharing around our candidate Town Hall videos and podcasts
  • Campaign signs for candidates – placing in prime locations and monitoring them
  • Lit drops to porches for Dems and individual campaigns
  • Donating – the progressive candidates aren’t taking corporate money


Support Black Women Candidates

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