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In Support of Social Justice

“It’s not enough to just say the words Black Lives Matter, we must make it true. We need to be willing to listen, learn, protect and lift up our Black community.

The murder of George Floyd may have brought the efforts of the BLM movement to your attention, but right here in our own area we’ve seen people die during interactions with police. There are many local activist and organizations who have always been doing the work of social justice and building up of the Black community and other communities of color.

We are encouraged by the ongoing protest happening throughout the surrounding areas of Pierce County and grateful to all those willing to stand in solidarity to protect Black lives. We welcome your support of racial justice and hope you will engage with local groups who need your support to make sure our community is a place where everyone is safe and has the ability to thrive.”

– DaMita O’Dell, Indivisible Tacoma Go4Action Team Lead

Help Turn Out Voters!

Write 10 million voter turnout letters in 2020

Reclaim Our Vote

Non-partisan phone bank, post carding and textbanking campaign created by the Center For Common Ground, focuses on contacting voters of color in voter-suppression states to help them register and vote.

People’s Bailout - Call your Senators and Representatives!

Endorsed by hundreds of advocacy organizations, #PeoplesBailout urges members of Congress to commit to five principles while putting forth COVID-19 relief and stimulus packages that contribute to a just recovery:

1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions.
2. Economic relief must be provided directly to the people.
3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives.
4. Make a downpayment on a regenerative economy while preventing future crises.
5. Protect our democratic process while protecting each other.

Voting Rights - Call your Senators and Representatives!

Support 2020 voting rights during the coronavirus with national mail-in ballots.

A priority on the Indivisible “People Over Profits” landing page is the
Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act with details and actions laid out.

The League of Women Voters joined the effort led by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights,
urging Congress to include funding for voting rights in the COVID-19 package.

Census - Fill it Out!

It has never been easier to self-respond on your own – whether online, over the phone or by mail
– without ever having to meet a census taker.

You may know that the push this year is to get most Census data online. 

Why is this important? The Census numbers dictate what funding local governments receive and what government block grants are available for local nonprofits for the next decade. With population growth in Washington counted, we could gain Congressional representation.
Also, it’s the law!  Find more info at: 

From March for Our Lives:
Take the census! You know what’s almost as important as voting? The census. It determines the number of congressional seats your state gets, how federal funding is allocated, and other really important decisions that the government makes. This directly impacts what resources your local leaders will have to prevent gun violence. All too often young people and Black, Indigenous, and people of color are under-counted and therefore under-represented and under-resourced.You do not have to be a documented citizen to take or be counted in the census. There is NOT a citizenship question on the census.

Please spread this important message to respond to the Census now to your family, friends and distributions lists.

Work for candidates from home!

 WE have to MAKE the BLUE WAVE!
It won’t just happen.
Are you ready to work for progressive candidates from home?
We are making plans to do outreach for candidates by phone, on-line, text, etc.
To be part of a team, please email:

Indivisible Team Meetings


Please Note: Many in-person meetings have been cancelled. Be sure to check all calendars for the latest information.

Please visit our Calendar of Events to confirm all details as locations and times.

Email  indivisibletacomachapter@gmail.com for meeting link on Zoom.

Act in Other States...

Sign up to text voters in key states with the Payback Project. 

Indivisible Action (national) has launched a textbanking campaign to engage voters across nine target states to take action with Indivisibles in their area to flip their Senate seats.
Textbanking uses an online platform that doesn’t reveal your personal phone number.

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